Shift Soil Remediation
Welcome toShift Soil Remediation

Shift Soil Remediation UK is a group of vibrant, environmentally motivated, soil remediation specialists with a common drive to “do good” in today’s world. We combine comprehensive services with progressive technologies to provide the fastest, most affordable and efficient solution for soil contamination.

We are a solutions oriented, environmental services company who deliver results to our clients in an expedient, practical and cost effective manner. Our key technical and management personnel are experienced professionals that apply a synergistic blend of expertise from the environmental, oil and gas, and geotechnical industries for the effective on site remediation of contaminated land.

Shift offers Phase I and II site assessment and Phase III on-site remediation. A fully managed process from start, through to clean end results. Through cutting edge toxicity testing technology, Phase I site investigation is reduced from up to the usual 5 days, to a matter of minutes per sample. The last decade has seen the research and build of our revolutionary remediation technology. It’s speed and efficiency is unrivalled by any existing method. Our use of bioremediation and chemical oxidization at a molecular level makes our Phase III remediation more reliable and efficient than the traditional methods, and is proven to have a more positive environmental impact.