Shift Soil Remediation
  • Soil remediation – Phase III
  • Complete remediation management
  • Phase I and II site assessment
  • Site Modelling
  • Post testing

Shift Soil Remediation UK is a full service soil remediation company. We manage and monitor each step of the process from site assessment and optimal remediation planning to site decontamination and post testing.

Site Remediation

Shift Soil Remediation UK is proud to bring new technology in remediating soil to the UK and Europe. Our process is on site and begins with excavators excavating the contaminated areas of the site established by the Phase I, screening. The excavated soil is then deposited into a hopper on the top of our machine, where it travels along conveyor belts before getting crushed and treated. Due to this crushing action, the surface area is increased and oxygen is added, which speeds up the process of cleaning the soil to a couple of weeks. Because the bacteria are living, they will move around to find and eliminate the contaminant giving us the ability to give a guarantee on our bioremediation service.

We clean 200 different contaminants from the soil using bioremediation, chemical oxidization and stabilization. We specialize in remediation of hydrocarbons.

Complete Remediation Management

Phase I is an important part of establishing the location of the contamination on-site, as well as the depth, toxicity, soil type/composition and of course the contaminants. With the aid of new on-site soil testing equipment (Safe Soil Tester), we are able to use GPS points to accurately depict the site in 3D on AutoCAD.

Phase I and II Site Assessment

With the use of GPS tracking in the screening process, we are able to incorporate the data into a mapping application that gives a 3D representation of the site’s contamination. This procedure dramatically decreases the time it takes to get samples tested in a lab (from days to minutes), and at a fraction of the cost.

Site Modelling

Phase II consists of a number of samples taken from the contaminated areas established by the phase I screening. Samples are sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for chemical testing, giving a more detailed description of contaminants in the soil.

Post Testing

We will do post treatment toxicity testing with the use of the SST for peace of mind as well as supplying a Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) certificate for the hard proof.