Shift Soil Remediation
Bottom Line

We may be a green company but we certainly recognise that people come first. Our green collar value’s mean that the safety of our employees, partners and that of the community will always be the guiding force for our actions. And we are not trying to be saints either, we make a profit, but we do try to do good wherever we can and are proud to be working for the planet and its inhabitants.

We know we will have created nothing if it is not sustainable and for that we need to focus on a more ethically balanced triple bottom line of valuing people, the planet, and like all other companies, some profit. In fact, by focusing on efficiency and yields, we are able to bring down the costs and offer the industry a greater potential for more overall remediation.

We aim to nurture the individual and the collective communal spirit and to develop our culture of excellence in service. We do this by focusing on the needs of the individual, both that of our customers but also those of our hard working colleagues and partners. This requires leadership and we hope to show the way by donating the value of 3% of all profits to socially charitable soil remediation in the interest of fostering a communal spirit that itself can nurture the precious individual. We all deserve to live free of toxins.

On the recommendations of Shift Soil Remediation’s Ethics Committee (SSREC), we adopted an Environmental Management System to allow us a consistent way of managing our environmental affairs in a process of continual improvement towards an ever stricter definition of being environmentally efficient.

Our Ethics Committee often discusses opportunities to remediate for the social good, and if you have a site that you think they would like to know about, well then get in touch.